4 Best Steps To know How to Fill a Portable Air Tank

There can be many ways by which you will know how to fill a portable air tank but in general there are 4 steps that can tell you how to fill your tank easily. The air compressor is commonly used to activate the air powered gears that may include nail guns, staplers and so on. There are also add-ons that can be used to inflate the rafts or air mattresses. The pressurized air is also used to blow away debris from small spaces.

The air compressor (1) is also used to start the air powered paint spray and the portable air compression need to be depressurized before starting using it. Depressurizing ensure that you are having accurate pressure to perform your desired task.

How to Fill a Portable Air Tank

Before diving into the steps you need to take care of the safety precautions. First to fill your portable air tank you need to take the air tank to the air compressor. Wear the closed-toe shoes as well as safety glasses before you start working with the portable air tank. After that you can check the oil level of the air tank and you can add the oil if the air tank requires.

Step 1

You need to place the portable air tank close to the compressor. Now, use the pressure tire gauge to see the remaining air within the tank. You may also be able to see the remaining air with the help up aboard air gauge.

Now observe the security label to find how much PSI the tank can withstand. Generally the tank can hold up to 100 PSI (Pounds per sq. inch)

Step 2

Now you need to start the compressor, after turning on the compressor, you need to turn the knob to the 100 PSI. You can place the filling valve from the mechanical device to the filling value right at the air tank.

Step 3

Now you need to fill the air tank to 50 PSI of pressure. You can lower the water drain value on the air tank. You need to remove any water atmospheric things from the tank. You need to shut the drain valve once you notice that the sign of water have stopped flowing from the valve.

Step 4

Continue to fill the tank with the help of the mechanical device and you can stop filling the tank once it reaches its most value. You will be able to see the amount of gas filled in the tank from the pressure gauge.

How to Fill a Portable Air Tank

How to Fill a Portable Air Tank – Tricks

There are many things that can help you filling up the portable air tank but you need to know that

  • You need to drain the condensed water from the air tank. The water in the tank can have reasonable amount of volume and this can cause the steel tank to rust. So, to avoid rusting you need to take care of the water.
    The result will degrade the tank and this will produce a hole in the bottom of the tank and this will make the tank to leak.

Know More about Portable Air Tank and Compressors.


You need to look for the certain things such as

  • You need to avoid exceeding the manufacturer’s pressure rating on the portable air tank. In worst case scenario the portable air tank may blow up. Generally when you exceed the limit the vessel may rupture and this will cause a potential hazard.
  • The high pressure compressed gas tank should be packed by the certified technicians. The portable air tanks are to be used for moveable air tools and you should avoid exceeding the internal pressure because the tools might exceed the internal pressure to be thousands PSI.


There are many ways to to know How to Fill a Portable Air Tank but you can fill your air tank with just 4 steps. Filling your portable air tank can be seemed easy but you need to take care of many things because if it gets rupture it will blow up.

You need to take care of things mentioned early to avoid the rupture of the tank. There are warning and tricks that you need to take care if you want to fill your portable tank easily. The portable air tank can be equipped with gauge by which you can take care of the pressure.