Haier 8000 btu Portable Air Conditioner Review – Honest Reviews

In this haier 8000 btu portable air conditioner review, you will find that whether or not they worth it or not. This portable air conditioner can provide you a capacity of 8000 BTU and this air conditioner is best for small room and not to be used for more than 250 square feet of room.

If your central air conditioner is not working or you are struggling to control high temperature and moisture level then you can use this Haier 8000 btu Portable Air Conditioner for having the perfect solution. This portable air conditioner can not only provide you cool air but it also has the feature of dehumidifying the room.

If you have more humidity in the room then you can use its feature to lower the moisture level of the room and to create a suitable living environment for you. More than normal humidity can promote mold and other infestation.

The portable air conditioner comes with ha single hose design and equipped with 3 adjustable fan. You will also have 3 cooling setting to choose, dehumidifier mode as well as 24- hour timer.

From these adjustable fans you will be able to adjust the air conditioner depending on your need. You can also make use of on/off timer to control the air conditioner. So, you can set the timer to start or to off the portable air conditioner without worrying about it.

Haier 8000 btu Portable Air Conditioner Review – Best Features

Haier 8000 btu Portable Air Conditioner Review

The best thing about this air conditioner is that you can easily move it from one room to another and you may also be able to take it in RV. With the 1 hose feature and castor wheel you can easily take the air conditioner with you to anyplace.

If you want to fix it you can fix it but if you want to take it to any place then it is up to you. The best thing about this AC is that it cones with the window venting kit. You can easily install this AC with the help of the vent. You just need to fit it in the window, it fits in the horizontally as well as vertically sliding windows.

Another best feature of the haier 8000 btu portable air conditioner manual is that it comes with the auto evaporation technology. This technology enables the Haier 8000 btu portable air conditioner manual to minimize the gathering of the water.

So, due to this feature you will save your time that you might be spending in emptying the reservoir. This can be quite challenging when you have more than normal humidity in the surrounding. The haier hpb08xcm portable air conditioner, 8000 btu saves you from the manual draining of the condensate.

By this Ac you will be free from the manual task. This can be the best feature because you can leave it on without bothering about the things.

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Technical Specification

Cooling Capacity 8,000 BTU
Dehumidifier 3 pints/hr
For Room Size 250 square feet
Heat Pump NO
Cooling Speed Setting 3
Fan Speed setting 3
Air Movement 174CFM
Max Noise Level 46dbA
Timer Yes
Remote Control Operated Yes
Limited Warranty 1-Year
Dimensions 27.5 x 12.9 x 13.8 inches
Weight 40.3 Pounds
  • Auto Evaporative Mechanism
  • Easy To install
  • Effective cooling and Dehumidification
  • Compact and sleek Design
  • Foam padding strips and extra slats for venting out included
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • You can also purchase Protection Plan to extend Warranty
  • Single Hose Design
  • Covers Small Area
  • Some Customers have loudness issue

Pro Tip: After installation and after moving it you need to wait for an hour before starting because it lets the gas to settle down. You also need to check the vent and see if there is any sign of leakage. If you store it in the winder then you need to first clean the portable air conditioner before usage.

If you Want to Cover A Wide Area of Room Then You can Consider


Haier 8000 btu Portable Air Conditioner Reviews can help you to know if the ac is right for you or not. The haier hpb08xcm portable air conditioner, 8000 btu can be the best option if you don’t want to empty the reservoir. you will have all the essential features that will help you to have the cooling you are looking for.

However, you need to keep in mind the dimensions of the room that it is made to provide cooling. If you want cooling for larger room then you need to have more BTU of air conditioner.