Best Portable Computer Desk Reviews 2021 Trays and Tables

We live in a digital era where everything we do associates with technology. The technology which helps us to make our lives easier massively involves some sort of computing device. Let me be straightforward, these are desktop computers and portable laptops. To support these items, we require a strong and sturdy Portable Computer Desk.

In modern world almost everything is converting to portable products. So, why furniture stay behind in this going portable fight?

With more and more individuals who favour working from home and remote locations, usually need to setup their desks.

As we can see, that more individuals are now savvy with performing countless tasks from their homes; they require smaller but efficient solutions.

These individuals are now savvy with performing countless tasks from their homes and require smaller, modern, portable and efficient solutions.

This not only helps them to work efficiently and on remote location but also adds value to their overall working environment.

Whether you are working from home or need a desk for your gaming PC, I have selected some of the top picks from amazon with insider info.

Let’s take a look at the list to see what fits your needs.

Portable Computer Desk

Best Portable Computer Desk: Our Brand’s Choice

Don’t you think that it can be much tedious to sort through hundreds of portable computer desks while looking for the perfect fit?

Some of these have sleek design while are not sturdy. Some may have sturdy material but with limited features. Some are portable computer desk on wheels, and some may not involve wheels.

It’s overall a tough procedure to make a perfect decision while you’re looking for one for the first time.

That’s why I have taken out time to setup a list based on design, looks, material, storage space and a few other factors.

Portable Furniture Dates Back In ancient times.

Before you get straight into the list.

I’ve created a detailed guide as well about how made the final selections. It’s right after the products and you can get through that as well.

So, here’s our detailed review about the top 10 portable computer desks with an adequate amount of storage:

Writing portable Computer Desk, No Assembly Required

This writing computer table is foldable so that you can easily write whenever you like with this portable computer desk. If you are a writer then this can be your perfect partner. You just need to unfold it place your computer on it and PRESTO! You will have your workplace easily set up.


The portable computer desk frame is made with metal and the table top is made with MDF wood. So, this material provides water proofing and avoids deformation. The material is sturdy so that it can bear weight of 200lb.


Here are the features of the computer table

  • Foldable Design (No Assembly Required)
  • Water-Proof Material
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Space Saving
  • Budget Friendly
  • No assembly Required
  • Affordable
  • Multi-Purpose Use
  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Can be flimsy
  • No warranty Mentioned by the manufacturer

FEZIBO – Portable Computer Desk with keyboard tray

This FEZIBO provides a complete customizable portable solution. With the cut for tablet you can hold table and other monitor or even laptop on the desk. The table also provides an ample amount of space to hold laptop as well as monitor.

You can have this portable computer table in 32 inches or 36 inches. Moreover, there are also 4 colors that you can have. Ergonomic Design can help you to better take care of your health.


The Table top is made with engineered wood and the frame is made of metal. The material is sturdy and can bear weight up to 33lbs.


The different features include

  • Adjustable height 5.3″ to 20.5″
  • Spacious Work Area
  • 10 years Warranty
  • Affordable
  • Easy Assembling
  • Easily Placed on Straight Table
  • Easy Assembling
  • Affordable
  • Elegant and durable Design
  • Multi functional Slot
  • 10- Year Warranty
  • Some people complained Shipping problem
  • Not For Short people
  • No Keyboard adjustment option


Standing Desk – Cheap Two Level Portable Computer Desk with keyboard tray

This two level portable computer desk is there to provide easy mobile and sleek design. With adjustable height computer desk you can easily have it from standing to sitting position. Its ergonomic design can help you to improve your posture.

It also comes with 4 swivel wheels that can make it very easy to move. With the turning of the knob you can have 1.5” increase in the height.


The frame of this portable computer desk is made with metal. Dark wood grain finishing is also applied on the frame as well as on the table top. Due to its sturdy design it can bear weight up to 40lbs.


Following are the features that you should look before buying the portable computer table

  • Dual level Workstation (Can Accommodate 2 Monitors)
  • Adjustable Height Computer Desk
  • Full Swivel Wheels
  • 2 lockable wheel
  • Height up to 53” inches
  • Adjustable Height
  • Durable & Sleek Design
  • Dual level Workstation
  • Can Bear 40lbs of weight
  • Full swivel Wheels
  • Cheap
  • Can wobble
  • Some customer complained missing parts


MONOMI Electric Portable Computer Desk

This is the best electric portable solution for placing your computer. This computer desk comes with the electric button from which you can easily adjust the height of the table. You can easily have height from 27.36″ to 47.3″ by just pressing the button for 3 seconds. You will get the height while making minimum noise.


The frame of this portable computer desk is made with industrial grade steel. To provide electric height adjustment it is equipped with dual motors. The steel frame can hold the weight up to 208lb.


This is the electric solution to portable computer desk and the important features are

  • Electric height Adjustment
  • Large storage space
  • Easy Assembling
  • 5 Years Warranty with purchase-able 5 year protection plan
  • Anti-Collision Technology (sensors to avoid collision)
  • Round Edges to avoid accidents
  • Cable Clips Wire Management
  • Modern Solution to Computer Storage
  • Available in different height and color
  • Easy Assembling
  • Programmed
  • Large storage capacity
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Expensive
  • Poor Customer Service

TechOrbits, Standing Portable Computer Desk with keyboard tray

This portable computer desk provides a great storage capacity in addition to its being portable.  This computer desk is designed by keeping in mind the comfort as well as your posture.


Techorbits has used Premium quality Medium Density Wood as a frame for making this portable computer desk.


You can easily adjust this portable computer desk by squeezing the stands as well as the gas spring. Doing this will raise the desk platform. The adjustable setting can provide your desk the height of 20″.


The best thing about going portable is its fast assembling features. This computer desk can easily sit on any flat table top. You can easily install it by pulling the spring and squeezing the stands.


Techorbits provides additional features like cord organization and removable keyboard tray. This customizable computer desk can provide you with the easy to feature.

Warranty and Returns

You can have life time warranty with 30 days of free return. If you want more protection you can have amazon 5 year indoor furniture accidental protection plan.

  • Can Accommodate 2 monitors
  • Can Hold Upto 35 lbs
  • Cord organization
  • Removable keyboard
  • Life Time Warranty
  • Customers Reported faulty delivery

4NM Folding Portable Workstation –  Portable Computer Desk

This is the best portable option because it provides easy folding property. This easy folding property saves the one from headache of assembling. The desk only takes 31.5×2.55×29.723of space when it is folded and it jumps back to 1.5×17.72×29.72 when folding is opened.

If you want to have this workstation from amazon you can either have this new or in used version. You can also buy 5 years indoor furniture protection plan. So, if you are on budget you can still have this portable computer table.


The Table top is made up of engineered wood and the frame of portable computer desk is made with sturdy metal frame.

  • Comes in 6 colors
  • Durable
  • Easy Foldable
  • Modern Design
  • Multi-functionality
  • 100% Money back policy
  • Customers Complained Broken Item

Atlantic Best Gaming computer desk – Portable Computer Desk with keyboard tray

If you are into gaming then you would need this portable computer desk because it is equipped with all the storage space that is needed for gaming. In Atlantic gaming desk special place is provided so that you can focus on your game.


This Atlantic best gaming computer desk is made with durable steel construction. The Table top is made with laminated charcoal colored carbon fiber.


This atlantic best gaming computer desk provides you with the variety of unique features that are best for gaming such feature include

  • Charging Stand that even holds tablets
  • Speaker Stand and on the bottom of the speaker stand you can also store your gaming DvDs
  • Under-Desk Basket
  • Controller Stands
  • Prevents entangling of Wires
  • Rear power strip holder
  • Cup holder so that you could enjoy drink while playing games
  • Headphone/VR headset hook

The Shelf for holding the monitor can hold monitor up to 32 inches.

  • Provides Good gamming experiences
  • A large number of storage option
  • Sleek Design
  • Good Leg Room
  • Customizable
  • 30 days return and Warranty
  • Require Assembling
  • Customer’s Complained Shipping Faults

Portable Standing Desk Amazon, l Shaped computer desk

This portable standing desk amazon can provide you with the lot of storage option as well as easy of moving around. With the adjustable height computer desk you can adjust it according to your height. You can have multi-functions from this standing desk. With its adjustable feature you can make it standing from sitting height.


The Table top is made with particle board also the frame is made with thick metal frame. The metal frame can bear a large amount of weight up to 30 pounds.


This portable standing desk Amazon can provide different features such as

  • Adjustable Height (By rotating handle)
  • Large Desktop Space
  • Moveable with durable 4 wheels
  • built-in slot to hold Cellphone or Tablet
  • You can also have 2 year protection plan
  • Adjustable Height With Easy to rotate knob
  • 4 wheels
  • Can Fit Small Spaces
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Hold Tablet and cell phones
  • Returns and you can also add protection plan
  • Customers has Experienced Problems in Shipping
  • Hard to clean off finger prints
  • Questionable Wheel Durability

UNICOO – Portable Computer Desk with shelves

This Portable Computer desk enables you to perfectly stand with ideal posture. This ergonomic computer desk can also prove to be beneficial for the health. If you feel tired you can lover the height of the Rolling Presentation Cart and make it in perfect sitting height.


The table top as well as desk panel is made with MDF wood material. The wood is 16mm and the whole frame is made of 12mm of steel. The finishing is also smoothly done.


  • Adjustable Height from 28.3 inches to 44 inches
  • 4 platforms
  • 3 top panels
  • Keyboard and mouse panel can tilt from 0-90°
  • 2 inches heavy duty ABS mute wheels
  • Locking function
  • Wheels can also move on the carpet smoothly
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Easy Transition from sitting to standing
  • Large Space for Different Items
  • Sturdy
  • Slip Proof
  • Returnable & Good customer Service
  • Difficult Assembling

Amazon Basics Adjustable Computer Monitor Riser Desk Stand

This is the best portable monitor desk that can give rise to your monitor. You can choose the customizable height with the help of its legs. You can adjust the height from 2-5/8 inches to  4-7/8 inches.


The portable computer desk is made up of plastic. The material is also chosen to ensure non-slip design.


This Monitor riser has many features that are

  • Adjustable height computer desk
  • 11-inch-wide storage space under the table
  • Non-skid feet
  • Hold up to 22 pounds
  • Space-Savvy Design
  • Modern Appeal
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • 11 Inch Wide
  • Adjustable Height
  • Can provide Good Height To monitor
  • Modern and Sleek Design
  • Non-Skid Design
  • 1-Year limited Warranty
  • Customers complained shipping problem
  • Do not provide 100% Refund

Now Days People usually prefer having laptops. So, you may need best portable laptop desk for bed or for the couch.

How to Choose the Best Portable Computer Desk?

It is not every day that a person plans on purchasing a Portable Computer Desk. If today’s the day you call yourself out on getting a portable computer desk, let us help you out.

Here’s a list of a few factors which you need to consider when buying your new desk:

Size & Configuration

When we talk about portable computer desks, they come in different size variations. Some are L shaped large desks, while others are simply just single desk workstations.

It all depends on usage. If you are working in a commercial environment where your table is going to become the main center of attraction, I’ll say you go for something that has a sleek design and can blend perfectly with the environment.

Large portable computer desks provide users an ample amount of space and a great option to work at ease.

Whereas, when we discuss small tables, well…! these perfectly fit in places such as home offices.

Such are locations where compact desks can do wonders as you will have the ultimate liberty to progress forward.

Pay Attention to Ergonomics

When purchasing a table, it is extremely necessary that one should pay special attention to the ergonomics of the table.

The design, comfort level and the amount of usage; all are of vital importance.

An ergonomically sound table ensures that you experience zero to no strain during work. Apart from that, it shouldn’t be harmful to you in the long run.

Some of the most commonly occurring injuries include:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Arthritis

However, the list isn’t limited to the injuries mentioned. You should always pick comfort over price.

So, before you purchase a laptop table for your common use, pay attention to:

  • The pull-out keyboard tray/laptop tray
  • Shelf design and durability
  • Work surface height
  • Wire management

Is the Portable Computer Table DIY or Factory Assembled?

One more question you might consider is the build of the table. Is it factory-assembled or a ready-to-assemble (RTA) table?

Though you might want to pick the factory assembled one, the RTA table doesn’t lack behind. Let’s see which one is the best fit for you, though.

When analyzed, factory assembled tables were found respectively better than the RTA tables.


It’s because they are done under the supervision of expert assemblers who are assembling 1000s in a day.

On the other hand, factory assembled tables will not require you to spend time fixing it up.

However, RTA models have their own perks. To speak of some, you will not be required to pay any extra cash to set up the table.

Since they are portable, you can pack them up and move through doorways.

One of the best parts?

You don’t have to be handy. A simple tweak here and there, and you can get your table ready.

What is the Correct Height of a Portable Computer Desk?

As far as the ideal height of the table is concerned, it should be somewhere around 20 to 28 inches. This is the ideal height for any computer desk.

Mind you; these inches figures are from the ground level. Also, it is important that you specify the model and the brand. It will help you finalise  a better option.

When you sit down on the desk, make sure that your elbows can easily be placed on the desks’ surface. Also, you should pay attention to the height of your seat, and based on it, you should adjust the table.

This concludes our considerations, which can make or break the decision for you. Be it a cheap computer desk or a beastly workstation; you’ve got it all.

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Other Things you want to know

Adjustable Height

Adjustable height is very important for portable computer desk. Your Desk needs to be adjusted, in most desk you will be provided with the knob upon turning you can easily adjust the height. However, there are also modern electrical models from which you can adjust the height by just holding down the up button or down button.

Different Adjustment

You should also look for different adjustable things. The different table tops needs to be customised if you want to have ergonomic design. You can get the flexibility of adjusting in the portable models.

Gaming Portable Computer Desk

best gaming computer desk usually consist of all the essential things that may be required for gaming. The table usually have the place for placing the gaming controller. You can also have space of placing the head phones, mobile phone, speakers and so on.

Fold able

A best portable computer desk will be easily fold-able and easily transportable. You can also find such computer desk from the above list of portable computer desk. By this fold able property you can easily take the desk anywhere with you. Because of the fold able property you can also use this for placing some other things as well.


Wheels are also very important to make it easy to move. Usually, the table comes with 4 swivel wheels with the locking feature built in. You can easily slide the wheels from even the carpets.

Non-Skid Design

Your portable computer table should have non-skid design to firmly hold the table to the ground. If it is slippery then it can cause accidents.


Warranty is also very important to consider if you want to have the best computer table. You can have many protection plans provided by amazon as well as manufacturer provided warranty. You also need to look for the return policy before ordering the product.

Where Can You Find Computer Desk for Sale?

You can fin computer desk for sale in different places. You can have computer desk from amazon prime to avail the discount.

Where Can You Find a Good Portable Computer Table?

Like I said, one may come across a variety of options. Some offer portable computer desks at affordable discount rates while others will brag about their sturdy setup and strong foundations.

However, in my opinion, nothing is as reliable as the mighty Amazon’s workspace. It is a profound platform with plentiful options.

With that said, you can find many different options.

The reviews are there to help you decide. Plus, the manufacturers will make sure that your product gets delivered on the doorstep.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, click those buttons, and pick the one that fits best to your need.