Best Bonfire Party ideas in 2021 – Check List

Hosting a Bonfire party can unlock many stories. So, you need to have perfect bonfire party ideas in order to host the best party ever. of course, you can have a perfect time in the company of your friends or your family by hosting a bonfire party. However, it is difficult to know how to throw a party perfectly without the bonfire party idea.

There are many things that you need to have in order to have a perfect bonfire. A perfect bonfire will be memorable and you will be praised whenever it comes to anyone’s mind.

You can even escape from your adulthood because of the bonfire. There are many activities that you can perform at the bonfire. You can have a bonfire on almost any occasion especially.

  • Tiki party
  • Outdoor movie
  • Campfire meal
  • Beach bonfire
  • Halloween
  • Game night
  • Sing along

However, you can also have a bonfire on the occasions that may not be mentioned in the list. Events demand us to leave our daily routines and have the time of our lives. You can have a different meal like if you are having a bonfire on thanksgiving you can have the turkey. The ideas are countless you have to be creative or you can read the article to find out many best Bonfire Party ideas.

Gathering of people having bonfire

Many tools are involved in throwing the best parts. Few important things are

Check List for Perfect bonfire Party

Few important things that you need to know are:

  • Local law
  • Portable fire pit
  • A portable picnic table or Portable chairs
  • Portable Recliner chair
  • Portable Bar
  • Portable party speaker
  • Portable karaoke
  • Marshmallow Roasting Sticks
  • portable lantern

Local law

law for bonfire

There can be many laws according to the region you are living in. You need to take into account the laws because nothing can ruin your bonfire party other than law enforcement appearing on your door. You need to know the municipality’s burn laws to check the allowed limits of the height of the fire.

You can check the law by visiting the DEC website. Moreover, for the party you are going to use the music so, make sure that you do not use any violent noises to disturb your neighbors. You also need to inform your neighbors about the party. So, they are not alarmed to see the smoke coming out from your home.

Portable fire pit

fire burning from portable fire pit

To have a bonfire you need to have a portable fire pit. The Fire Pit is the heart of any bonfire. If you don’t have a proper fire pit then you can’t imagine having a bonfire. The portable fire pit can be of two types; you can either have a traditional portable fire pit or you can have a portable propane fire pit. However, you need to know the size of the gathering that you are going to have for having a bonfire party.

If you want to have the traditional effect of smoke then you can have the portable fire pit. However, you can have a smokeless frame by the portable propane fire pit. There are many types of the portable fire pit. You can also have a grate on your fire pit in order to make food in addition to have the fire.

You can have a maximum of 8 people if you consider a portable propane fire pit. There are models of the fire pit that can accommodate more than 8 people most are traditional fire pits. You can also get many designs of the fire pit.

If you are having the bonfire alongside the pool then you can get the fire pit that exactly matches the scene.

You can also have a bonfire just for your loved one. Such fire pits are rectangular fire pits and they have a fire bowl. They usually take less place so you can either have two of them at your pool area, balcony or anywhere you like.

Portable Propane Fire Pit

The most portable propane fire pit does not come with a propane tank. In general propane tank that can hold 20lb of capacity is used. If you already have one then you can plug It in the portable propane fire pit. However, if you don’t have a propane gas tank then here is the best one for you.

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What You Need to Look for in Portable Fire Pits?

Traditional Portable fire pit vs Portable propane fire pit

In addition to the type of the portable fire pit, you need to consider the size, price, assembling, warranty, style, and special features. You can find the traditional fire pits in all sizes, as mentioned above number of people dictates the size of the fire pit.

Portable propane fire pits can also come in many sizes and designs. Some are round portable fire pits and some are square portable fire pits or rectangular portable fire pits. Each size can provide its own advantages. You can also find a dining table with the fire pit and you can also fit the propane fire pit in different places to get the best out of the décor.


Appearance is so important because beautiful fire pits can enhance your décor. There are special lava stones as well as fire pit glass rocks to enhance the beauty of the flame. The glass stones come in different sizes as well as in different colors.

A most fire pit provides you with the glass stones with the purchase. They can also provide you with other additional things such as cover, flames guards, and pre-attached hose and regulator.

Here is the chart from which you can see the difference between the portable propane fire pit and the traditional fire pit.

 Portable Propane Fire PitTraditional Fire Pit
FuelPropane Gas usedFirewood wood
AssemblingMost Models requires assemblingIt Often Comes Per-Assembled
IgnitionEasily IgnitedNeed Effort To Ignite
Added BeautyBeautiful Glass Fires Stones and Lava Stones To enhance BeautyCreative models to provide Beauty
CertificationGenerally, CSA & ETL CertifiedNo Certification
CostExpensiveCheaper than a propane fire pit
Level Heat
Adjust Heat Level From DialAdjust Heat Level by Manual Putting of Wood
DurabilityLess Durable Than Traditional Fire PitMore Durable than Propane Fire Pit


There are other many things that you need to know about fire pits in order to have the best fire pit for your bonfire party. You can find the 15 best portable fire pits that you can choose from. If you don’t want to read all about the fire pits you can have the best pick.

Portable Cutlery Set

You can have a bonfire anywhere, you can go to the beach in the woods or in the backyard of your home. If you are having a bonfire far away from your home then you need to have portable cutlery set with you, If marshmallows do not fill your appetite then surely you have to eat something. If your fire pit has a grate then you can cook something.

You can have portable cutlery set with the fire pit with the grate. You can still use this cutlery set whenever you go out on the trip so, it will not become useless after using it for a bonfire. You can easily cut ham and other roasted things with the cutlery.

However, the market is pretty much saturated and it is difficult to find out the best portable cutlery set. To save you from this trouble I have chosen the best overall product for you. You need to see many things if you want to choose the best portable cutlery set. The things can vary with design and price.

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Portable Picnic Table or Portable Chairs

You can also have a portable picnic table or portable chairs to side around the fire pit to enjoy the hotness coming out of the fire pit. You can easily place the portable chairs to have your guest seated around the portable fire pit. There are many types of portable picnic tables as well as portable chairs.

You can find out the best one that can easily blend into your outdoor décor. Here are the top 10 best portable picnic tables and the top 10 best portable chairs.

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Portable Recliner Chairs

If you want to provide your guest with a comfortable experience then you can also have portable recliner chairs. Such recliner chairs can provide your guest with ultimate comfort. A recliner chair can go into the reclining position that suits best for your back as your hip.

Recliner position can make your body into the freely falling condition to promote the utmost comfort. There are many portable recliner chairs that can have different functionality. You can choose the best one out that lies on your needs and can blend easily into your home décor.

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Portable Party Bar

You are organizing a bonfire party then you will surely need a portable party bar. You can serve the guest the food but you also need to provide them with the drinks. If you go inside your home more often then you will spend less time with your friends and more time serving them.

You can have this portable party bar that will enable the guest to have their own drinks from it. You can get free from serving drinks by having this portable party bar.

Portable party bars can come in different styles and functionality. You can have the best portable party bar by looking into the guide provided by us. If you don’t want to read all about it then here is the best pick for you.

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Portable Party Speaker

A party is nothing without the speakers. You can either have the TV speakers for a bonfire or you can have portable party speakers that you can easily carry anywhere. The most portable party speaker comes with Bluetooth enabled. You can easily connect the speaker to your smartphones.

You can have different songs that can enhance the mood as well as the experience of a bonfire party.  Many games can also be played if you have a portable speaker. If you are having a bonfire with your loved one you can romantic songs or you can play the song when you just met in order to burst the same spark that was there on the first date.

There are many things to look for if you want to buy the best portable party speaker. You can read more about the top portable party speakers. If you don’t have time and want to have the bonfire right away then below is the Best Overall Speaker That you can find.

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Bonfire demands marshmallows so, in order to satisfy the demand you need to have marshmallow roasting sticks to easily roast the marshmallows. You can find these sticks in various designs, colors, sizes, and other features.

You can also use these sticks for roasting things instead of marshmallows. You can find these sticks in different materials. By knowing the number of people you can order the marshmallow roasting stick in a set of 5,8,12 and so on. And of course, you will need marshmallows.

Before buying marshmallow roasting sticks, you need to look for many things such as ease of use, durability, easy cleaning, kids friendly, and so on. However, here is the best one among the many.

No products found.

Portable lantern

Bonfire is a night activity and if you are doing it with just the light of the bonfire then you will require a portable lantern. I am not going to tell you the use because the use is so obvious. However, I am going to tell you that the market is pretty much saturated so you will find many portable lanterns.

You can read about the top 10 portable lanterns to find out the best one for you. If you don’t have time to go through all of the 10 products then below is the best overall for you. The portable lantern can be very hand in the condition of lights out. However, consider the scenario that you are having lights off and your lantern fails to provide you light.

To avoid such conditions you need to have the best portable lantern that is reliable enough to stand by you in the times when you really need them. The major things that you need to see are its brightness and battery timing, lightweight, waterproof property, and sturdy design. Moreover, other things such as price, size, and warranty are also equally important.


Portable Karaoke Machine

Karaoke is the Japanese term however, this becomes famous because it lets you sing along on the prerecorded soundtrack. You can find many portable karaoke machines on the market. However, the best portable karaoke machine will have wireless mikes, durable batteries as well as long-lasting property.

There are many games that you can play at a bonfire party with a portable karaoke machine. Singing is always a fun thing to do. Singing can save you from getting bored and you can even break the ice with singing.

Because the market is highly saturated, it is difficult to find out the best portable karaoke machine. However, to save you from the trouble of finding the best, I have chosen the best for you by keeping in mind many technical features. The below model provides a perfect balance between price and features.

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Now, you know the things that are needed for having the bonfire. Now you need to know the things that you need in order to make the bonfire interesting.

Bonfire Party Ideas: Bonfire Games

By having best bonfire party ideas you can host the bonfire any where. However, after hosting you need to entertain your guest. You can entertain your guests by hosting bonfire party games. However, the games can differ according to the age of the person. There are also games that involve the whole family so here are the games that you can play on the bonfire.

Bonfire Party Ideas: Games for families

  • Story Telling
  • Chinese whispers
  • Guess the thief among us
  • Charades
  • Name that song
  • Numbers
  • Musical chair

Story Telling

The best bonfire ideas include Storytelling, Storytelling can be the best game because you can tell your children a lesson while playing with them. You need to think of the most interactive story that will keep your children engaged. You can tell them different things in this game and you can ask them about their experience or views to better know your children about their personality and goals. Bonfire creates the best mood or story-telling.  So, you can avail yourself this chance to better know your family.

Chinese whispers

This is the best game if you have naughty children that feel joy in making loud noises. This game is very easy and fun to play. In this game

  • One person has to think about the phrase. The phrase can be complex or simple it depends on the person.
  • After thinking about the phrase, the person has to whisper the other person sitting next to the bonfire the exact phrase in his ear. Keep in mind that you only have to tell the phrase once. You don’t have to repeat it again.
  • The next person passes the phrase to the next person and so on.
  • Once the phrase has passed the entire circle, tell the last person to say the phrase out loud. You can find interesting things with this game and it will be fun to play.

Guess the Thief among us

This game is also interesting to play in this game

  • One person has to leave the bonfire for a limited amount of time and the rest of the circle needs to decide the thief.
  • You can select the thief or person that will find out the thing by sinking a sing and circling the pillow.
  • Once the detective and thief are selected, the group should know about the thief.
  • When the detective appears at the crime scene then the thief can wink to another person as a symbol of robbing him. If the detective sees the wink that the thief would be figured out. If not the thief can rob all of the other members to win and to become the next detective.


Charades are the most played game of the bonfire. Many people play it with different rules. But the general idea is that one player thinks of a song, movie, book, or song and he has to explain it by making an appearance without telling, whispering, or making any noise. There are many rules for the game of charades if you don’t know them you can know about them HERE.

You can also keep scores to present them with the Oscar nomination or for the award. You can also play it in teams or have the timer to provide competition. However, the games are for fun, competing is not mandatory.

If you are playing the charades with your children then it is made that you think about a few ideas and place them in the hat. You can pass down the hat to the next person sitting at the bonfire and he/she will act accordingly. You can also add a theme to this game according to the event on which you are having a bonfire party.

Name The song

You can have any musical instrument or you can make the sound with your mouth. Or you can have the portable Bluetooth speakers for just playing the tune of the song. You can also just play the seconds of the start and the group needs to quickly identify the whole song.

You can also play this, by writing the songs on the paper and place them in the hat, when the hat reaches the person he/she had to sing that song.

Numbering Game

The idea of the game is that you have the say the biggest number spoken by the player before. You can say a random number but the next player has to say one number or more number greater than the number previously said.

You will see the fun things in the game but you don’t have to point the finger to tell them that they have said the number wrong.

The funny thing is that if two people say the number at once you have to restart the numbering.

Musical Chair

You can play this game to overcome the sleep that may be in your family’s eye.

  • You can play this game by placing one less chair than the number of people who want to play the game.
  • The chairs are placed in the circle.
  • One person from the group has to look another way, this person will randomly start or stop the song.
  • When the person that is looking away plays the sound the other players have to circle around the chair. When the song is stopped randomly the players have to sit down on the chair leaving one person standing.
  • The standing person will be out of the game now you have to remove another chair. You can remove the chair so that only one person remains seated. The last person sitting will be the winner.

Bonfire games & Bonfire Party Ideas For Adults

If your bonfire does not include teens or kids then you can play bonfire games for adults. However, these games are not that silly as they were in the family games. Bonfire party ideas for adults require games with rules that are slightly tough, as they were in the family games. Here are some interesting games that you can play

  • Mafia Game
  • Word Game
  • Truth or Dare
  • Find out the Secret Word


Mafia game is just like guess the thief game. However, it is more complex than the family game. In this game, laying is allowed because you are an adult (wink, wink). You can include many characters in your game that were not in the guess the thief game. You can play with the team or you can do backstabbing if you like.

If you want a great set of rules then you can know about them by clicking HERE.

Word Game

You can also play this game with your family but you need to think about the children, in short, you have to play a simple version of it with your family.

Playing it is easy

  • One person in the group has to say a word randomly i.e ”Bonfire”
  • The next person has to say the word associated with bonfire such as “wood”. However, if someone says firewood then he/she will not get the point because fire is in the first wood.
  • Similarly, 3rd person has to say the word associated with wood i.e “furniture” and so on.
  • You can have the timer or you can allow the pause to think about the difficult word to puzzle your friends.

Truth or Dare

This is the most playing game of most parties. The rules are simple you have to choose whether you like to say the truth or you can do a dare. You can spin the bottle or you can play another game and the loser will have to ask the truth or have to do a date.

You can also learn more about the game from HERE.

Find out the Secret Word

This game is also for building the brain. You can also play this game for longer car trips. This game requires more than 3 people.

How to Play?

  • Player 1 has to think of a secrete word i.e “Bonfire”. The aim of this game is to guess the whole word by the other two players.
  • Player 1 has to disclose the 1st letter of the secrete word i.e “B”.
  • Now the players 2 and 3 have to guess the secrete word. When the player 2 and 3 guess i.e “Brick”. They don’t have to say the word but they have to tell the clue i.e hard and rectangle.
  • Player one can say no it is not “brick”
  • Player 2 and 3 can repeat it until player 1 doesn’t get from the clues of player 2 and 3.
  • You can also introduce more rules to make it more fun you can also reveal another word and can spice this game.

Drinking games

You can also play drinking games at the bonfire. The most famous game is:

Never Have I ever game

this game is tending because it can reveal about the other personality secretes.

You can play this game by randomly saying things that you have never done. This could be anything like never has I ever have bungee jumping. People who have done bungee jumping will have the drink. To make it fun you need to think about the things that are common in your friends because you know your friends and you know how to make it more interesting.

Bonfire Party Ideas – Movie Night

You can enjoy a bonfire with the movie. However, you will need the best portable projector, portable projector screen, and a bunch of marshmallows along with the things mentioned above.  The fun of the movie is increased with the bonfire.

If you want to have the best time with your loved one you can set a romantic mood by setting the bonfire and can see the best romantic movie.  You can even have marshmallows on the bonfire which can increase the excitement.

Best Portable Projector

Best portable projectors are there to increase your experience with the movie. You can have the projector set up at any place of your liking. You can even see the movie in the forest or in your backyard with the bonfire. The best portable projector can provide you the best experience that you might be looking for.

Best portable projects are available in many sizes as well as in features. You can find many portable projectors from the market but from the pile of projectors, only 10 projects have passed the standards set by us.

As an Electrical Engineer, I have analyzed the features of the technique of these top 10 best portable projectors. After analyzing and testing, I can only say the best overall to only one product that is listed below.

This product is best overall because it comes with all the features that can help you with different needs.  If you want to see the best portable projector by yourself then you need to look at the LED lamp life, mounting option, remote control availability, ease of controls, Resolution, Compatibility, Noise, Projection distance, and smartphone connection. There are also many things like a model, wattage, thermal noise, thermal resistance, and so on.

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Portable Projector Screen

You can have many types of the portable projector screen. You can either have a portable projector screen with the stand, Anti-Crease Portable Projector or you can have an inflatable portable projector screen.  All these portable projector screens are there to give you the best movie experience.

In general, you can find the portable projector screen that is standing is less height as compare to the one that is inflatable. If you are having an inflatable projector screen you also need to buy the best portable tire inflator. You can find out the top 10 portable projector screen to enrich your movie experience.

You can also have the top 10 best portable tire inflator if you want to have an inflatable portable projector screen.  You can find many best portable tire inflators in the market and due to their large availability; it is difficult to find out the best one. You can go through the list to find the best one for you or you can have this best pick.

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Portable Generator

You can light up the project with the battery of the portable generator. You can find a generator in form of a portable solar generator, a portable diesel generator, and a portable propane generator.

You are using propane as the fuel in the fire pit so you can use this propane in the propane generator to turn on the generator to light up the projector. However, you can use the sustainable portable solar generator for getting power for the portable projector.

You can find many portable solar generators from the market but I have chosen the top 10 portable solar generators that can provide you power even if you don’t have the time to charge it. It can charge with the power of the sun so you can have a sustainable power solution. However, if you don’t have the time to go through the entire portable solar generator you can see the best overall picked by me.

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Portable Furniture

You can also have portable Laptop desk for your bonfire. These Portable Laptop desks are designed to have multipurpose.


Hosting a perfect bonfire party requires bonfire party ideas and having best ideas can be difficult because you need to take care of many things before hosting one and you have to think about many ideas to find out the best one. However, having a bonfire party can help you to spend valuable time with your friends and your family.

There many things that you need to check off if you want to have the best bonfire party ideas. You need to check the local law for any restriction, have a portable fire pit, have a Portable picnic table or Portable chairs, have a Portable Recliner chair, have Portable Bar, need a Portable party speaker. You will also need Portable karaoke, Marshmallow Roasting Sticks, and a portable lantern.

You can also be adventurous and can go on an adventure trip with your friend or family but don’t forget to have your own canoe with your. Do you know the difference between canoe and kayaks?

You also need to know about the games that you can play by sitting around the bonfire. You can play this game or can tell each other story by having the roasted marshmallows. Some games are listed and you can also come up with your own fun game.

You can also have the bonfire movie night with the help of a portable projector and portable projector screen. You may also find the types of projects as well as the projector screens. To turn on the projector you will need a generator and you can have the best portable solar generator to charge your smartphone as well as turning the protector on.